Friday, 20 April 2012

#6 Workoholic: Working 9 till 5

This week has most definitely been a crazy week at work, I started a new job about 7 weeks ago and boy has that time flown by, I absolutely love the job and the company I work for are great but this week has been the mother of all weeks....I literally have not stopped.

Being a self confessed workoholic I don't mind this, however it has now caught up with me and I am soooo tired and loving the fact its the weekend (yet my blackberry is still delivering me emails) and in the back of my mind I am still thinking about work and undoubtedly I will probably do some at the weekend as I know I don't have much on socially. Even when I go on holiday I find myself still thinking shop for the first few days of my holiday, finding it difficult to unwind.

I guess in the information age very few of us really have a 9-5 whether its going in early, leaving late or responding to emails or sending emails late on into the evening (latest for me so far 11pm-shocking I know!) I think it is exceptionally rare to go to work, work your hours switch off and go home. Maybe its just me, but I am sure most people feel the same. On the most part I don't mind this but sometimes it can feel like there is no escape from work!

So Dolly Parton might have sung working 9-5 in 1980 but I am pretty sure most of us are singing working all the time in 2012!

Thoughts on a postcard...

PurpleFrolicks xx

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