Wednesday, 18 April 2012

#5 Blogs I Love: Going Out Chic

As you know,  I think there are lots of really cool blogs/websites out there but there is one I feel I must feature this week because it is one frankly, I need to use this weekend.

Its that age old decision what to wear (whole wardrobe of clothes with not a stitch to wear) What am I getting at, well I have a date this weekend and I have no idea what to wear that was until I discovered This website is amazing you select what your next date is or what your next event in my case its First Date and then select Find My Style. What I really like is at the top of the page is their list of Do's and Don't's and then it lists 6 different outfit choices, the cost of each piece in the outfit and the stockist is also shown. I really like this feature so hopefully one of these choices will inspire me for something to wear at the weekend or I may even have to purchase something who knows...

Another great feature is that it has its own look of the day and a blog, as well as a Haute Finds and How to.

This site could end any potential fashion disasters for dates and events such as an Interview, it also has a fabulous section on dressing for your body type...which is a vital for all us ladies to know.

This is a must see site, register for it and follow them on twitter on @GoingOutChic

Thoughts on a Postcard...

PurpleFrolicks xx

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