Sunday, 15 April 2012

#4 Alchofrolick Fun Times- Easter in Manchester

So as I mentioned I am in my mid twenties now and I feel (most of the time) gone are the days where I could go out 3-4 nights in a row with little in the way of a consequence (i.e a hangover) to ruin the next few days, namely now I am an "adult" the rest of the weekend!

However I ventured back to my drinking roots over the Bank Holiday Easter Weekend to Manchester where I went to University to catch up with some old drinking buddies who incidentally are also lovely friends when they are sober too! 

These guys live in Fallowfield ( the student part of Manchester or Mancland as we most commonly refer to it as) and wow it was like a trip down memory lane, except for all the pubs that I used to frequent are all called something else now...I say all, 3 of them still have the same name but still- if you went to uni in Manchester you will know what I mean when I say there is no Tarts anymore, or Robbos and the Cheshire Cat- well that's some bloody fancy up market pub now...names a side what was only intended to be a 1 night stay turned into a 2 night stay and it was brilliant...

My alchofrolick ways came back to me like riding a bike! House party first (cheap drinks- easy to get drunk) followed by a night in Baa Baa's with cheap shots and bottled drinks...and then there was dancing...which led to a dance off with some awesome guys who pretty much got everyone to do their dance...pure genius and I loved every minute of it. The night ended up with us all having a chicken burger from our favourite take out place- which incidentally still has the same name and a cup of tea (or in the house of welsh I was staying in a Panad.) We all stayed up talking til 4am laughing and joking about the events of the night and trust me when I say events...there were some but I think for the interests of the people involved I will keep these to myself.

When we all got up the next day at 11am (the latest I have stayed in bed for a very long time) we decided as it was Easter we should go and have a Roast Dinner. First stop, The Orange Grove ( a pub I spent a lot of my student days in) but what I had never realised or remembered was how sticky the floor was and how bad it smelt in there...that was that we couldn't eat in there with that smell so we all hot footed it to Font (same name as before) for a more upmarket, less sticky floor and bad smelling choice of roast dinner. By this point we were all starving...none of our lunches arrived at the same time but when they did they were spite of the huge portions and with not an Easter Egg between us I went and got an Indulgent chocolate cake which we had in the comfort of the girls home with a Panad...and it was good.

After a bit of a recovery...we all decided to go and have a bit of hair of the dog and hoped for a pub quiz ( after all it was Sunday night and that's what you do on a Sunday). We headed to the Ram and Shackle where the drinks were unbelievably cheap maybe I have lived in the South too long but £2.60 for a double Gin and Tonic- BARGIN. We all had a couple of drinks but instead of us being in the party mood, we all got really tired and decided to head back and watch a film.

As I headed back  home on the Monday, thinking about all the things I should have done because I was supposed to be at home...I realised I had an amazingly funny alcohol fuelled weekend with some really good friends and that in fact I was still an alchofrolick at heart!

Preparing for the Dance Off!!
The Dance Routine that got everyone Dancing resulting in the legendary Dance Off

Some of us posing in between shots

PurpleFrolicks xx

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