Saturday, 14 April 2012

#3-Blogs I Love: PPOMG

Seeing as I started writing a blog because of all the other blogs that I was consumed with reading I thought I would do a bit on some of my favourite blogs.

The first one I wanted to talk about is very close to my heart because the blogger in question is actually a really lovely friend of mine and the more I read her blog the more I wanted one of my what is it and what is it called I hear you cry?

Well this is my interpretation, so please correct me if I am wrong but it is a fashion based blog about items that would like to be purchased if she had all the money in the world, there's something for every budget in it  and it has a really cool name -

Please check it out, its well researched, witty, quirky and it makes you ooo and ahh over the carefully selected items.

I will leave you now to lust over the pretty, the posh and the oh my gosh!

Thoughts on a postcard...

PurpleFrolicks xx

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