Saturday, 14 April 2012

#2 Musical Gems- Stop the Blackout and Flying Points

As I mentioned in my welcome post Music is one of my passions and finding new music I love is up there with the things I most like to do. 

I have come across two bands that I really like on Twitter one more local than the other. The first band is called Stop the Blackout- seem like really cool guys based in Manchester- new single is called Oxygen and is definitely worth a listen, they tell me they are in London on Wednesday 18th April at the Wheelbarrow in Camden, if I can I am going to go and check them out live. I have put the link in to their website they are on Twitter (@stoptheblackout) so follow them, I think they might be one to watch.

The second band I stumbled across is from a bit further a field (New York to be precise) they are called Flying Points and my favourite song of theirs as they have several is "Sex Toys" their album can be downloaded from iTunes, link to their website is and their Twitter is (@flyingpoints)

 I am following both of these different but equally cool bands and they are following me too on Twitter check them out and let them know if you like their music...I think its always good to let bands know that you are enjoying their music. At this point I should say tweet me on (@PurpleFrolicks)

On that note I shall leave you all to check out these bands...happy listening.

Thoughts on a postcard...

PurpleFrolicks xx

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