Saturday, 14 April 2012

#1 Welcome to my blog

So welcome to my blog...I thought I would start one of these because well everyone else seems to be blogging and I want to jump on that band wagon. As an avid tweeter I thought I would use this space to talk about some of the cool things I like and tweet about on a regular basis. 

To give you an idea what that might be- its usually things I like and am passionate about:
Music- whether its discovering bands that I have not heard of that I really like, festivals, gigs/concerts I am going to. Oh and even The X Factor and lately the Voice may also creep in from time to time!
Shopping ( because well I am a girly girl and I love to buy clothes, shoes, bags and accessories) lately I have started following quite a few fashion and beauty blogs which I really enjoy and want to share with you.
Work- Because sometimes its just good to talk about your day, I am in my twenties and would probably be classed as a young professional, working as a Project Manager.
Going Out- I used to joke with my friends that we were Alchofrolicks- although this seems to be less the case these days and as my mid twenties approach I find actually I prefer a couple of bottles of wine and good conversation, although having said that I went out in Manchester last weekend to catch up with Uni friends and I soon turned back to my Alchofrolick ways-..more on that later!
and every now and then you will find me talking about Rugby Union, Tennis, Olympics, Golf but never Football (not a fan-Sorry).

So I hope you enjoy my blog...which will be posted shortly.

PurpleFrolicks xx

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